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Week 11: Distributed Learning Discussion Blog Post

This week in class we talked about blended, online, and multi-access learning environments. Last March when classes went online I was very concerned about  being able to maintain focus in a distance education environment. I have been in a distance ed situation before and was extremely frustrated by it the first time, but I am Read more about Week 11: Distributed Learning Discussion Blog Post[…]

Things actually worked out!

I think I have been doing this wrong this whole time! I know it has only been a couple weeks but starting my Minecraft sessions by watching some tutorials and planning out what I want to do has resulted in a much better experience. Not that my goals have been very extreme but I have Read more about Things actually worked out![…]

I cannot believe that is it November 20th!

This term has absolutely flown by! I am generally not much of a journal/blogger so writing all the posts for my various classes has been a bit strange but it might be nice to look back on and relive my experiences. Enough about the constant march of time, and more about getting out of this Read more about I cannot believe that is it November 20th![…]

The stress is building up once again

The end of term one is fast approaching and everyday is both stressful and exciting. Thankfully I have been able to fit in my music practice however, the clam and relaxing sessions I have been enjoying since the midterm have become more stressful as the end of term approaches. I am keenly aware of the Read more about The stress is building up once again[…]

Class reflection for Nov 16th

In class we had a guest speaker, Chantelle, from BC Ed Access. This is a volunteer run organization that helps students with disabilities and their families navigate the BC school system and advocate for equity in BC classrooms.    After Chantelle did her presentation the class went into breakout rooms with some questions/prompts to guide Read more about Class reflection for Nov 16th[…]